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The Ill Funk Ensemble
Technical Rider


  • There are a total of three (3) vocal microphones needed for a typical performance.
  • All vocal microphones should be Shure SM58 or better.
  • One (1) straight microphone stand and two (2) boom microphone stands required.
  • Lead vocals should be EQ’ed in a way that spoken word is clear. Minimal reverb please.
  • Guitar vocals should be treated as lead vocals in the mix.


  • The guitarist provides one of the following amplifiers for live use:
    • 22W Supro Dual-Tone combination amplifier
    • 40W Marshall DSL401 head through either a 1×12 or a 2×12 cabinet
    • 15W Fender Super Champ combination amplifer
  • The guitarist provides his own microphone for live use.
  • A TC-Helicon Harmony G-XT pedal is used to reinforce vocal harmonies.


  • The bassist provides an Eden WTX500 head with an Eden 2×10 cabinet


  • The drummer provides either an 5-piece acoustic set or a hybrid acoustic/electric set with an Alesis control.
  • Acoustic set needs a kick mic that is a Shure Beta 52 or better, a snare microphone that is a Shure SM57 or better, and at least two overhead mics if toms are not individually mic’ed.

Band Requests:

  • An area in which to safely store our cases and equipment.
  • Notification of food and/or drink specials for band members.
  • A list where band members can invite up to two (2) people each free of charge.
  • Two (2) 20-amp circuits with outlets ten (10) feet or less to the stage.
  • We ask that stage managers, door persons, sound techs, etc. be punctual as band members arrive no later than one (1) hour prior to every performance. If more time is required, please contact BJ FitzGerald at