On The Radar

On The Radar Playlist
On The Radar
Published: 8/2/12

This week… We’re going international bitches! In honor of the Olympics going on in London, we’re going to play four international bands for you! Also, unsigned music from the good ol’ USofA and of course some awesome bands from Las Vegas Too!

Catch the stream and the playlist after the break…

Radio Fallout – I Want to Be Alright
Willie Ames – Night Owl
The Ill Funk Ensemble – She’s Fearless
Brian Colburn – Once Upon A Time
Vectors – Nox
Slant – Wasted
EndAnd – Far in Between
Vulture Kult – Electric Medication
Drunksouls – Human Race
Fleeting Circus – Hurricane
Monks of Mellonwah – Neurogenesis
Thee Swank Bastards – Wet Man Blues
Lucky Cuss – Con Chic
Rooftop Ridicule – Familiar

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