New Release Rack: The Ill Funk Ensemble
Published: 8/22/12

The Ill Funk Ensemble is gearing up for the official release of their sophomore album, “The Duality.” The follow-up to their debut “Catching Wreck” is scheduled to drop on Friday (August 24), and the band will be celebrating with a CD release party at the Icehouse in Saratoga Springs at 9pm on Friday, which just happens to be Travers Eve.

But you don’t have to wait til Friday to soak up the sounds of “The Duality.” The album is currently available for pre-release streaming here. With versatile vocalist-freestyler Jermaine Wells leading the way, the new, 12-track album is a sizzling blend of old-school funk, neo-soul and hip-hop. Their genre-fusing, pop culture-populated style is highlighted by “Beatin’ the Heat” (which deftly employs a sample of Quincy Jones’ theme from the old Redd Foxx sit-com, “Sanford & Son,” otherwise known as “The Streetbeater”) and “She’s Fearless (Reprise)” (which offers a tip of the hat to Sarah Connor of “Terminator” fame).

In addition to Friday’s celebration, you can also catch the Ill Funk Ensemble in action at the Sport Island Pub in Northville at 9pm on Saturday (August 25), and you can bet that the party will still be kickin’…

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