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Kate Derringer Barclay
September 14, 2012
The Duality

The DualitySoul For The Masses.

The Ill Funk Ensemble has performed live with Grammy-winner Mr. Cheeks of the Lost Boyz, opened for Naughty by Nature, and Shontelle and Young MC and placed forth in a national competition to perform at Royal Family Affair with Soulive in 2011. They have also had a placement on the show “Road Trip Nation” and honorable mention in the John Lennon song-writing competition.

They are a refreshing mix of the rhythmic Motown soul and modernly refined hip-hop. My favorite song is probably “She’s Fearless” because it really speaks to me. It’s an ode to the woman who knows her worth and if a man is worthy of her time and attention. She’s beautiful and doesn’t settle for just anyone. The Ill Funk Ensemble’s music strives for perfection- just like her.

Now, they do something really different with their title track, “The Duality”. I can’t say for certain but, it sounds like they sample the beat from AWOLNATION’s hit, “Sail” and the result is really beautiful. The beat has a sexual, yet haunting quality that really fills the air.

The Albany-based band’s CD, “The Duality”, dropped on August 24th and is AMAZING! If you like The Roots, Talib Kweli, or Common, you will LOVE them!

Be sure to like them on Facebook, followthem on Twitter, and watch them on Youtube.

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