The Music Mag UK – The Duality

Publish Date
Music Mag UK
August 31, 2012
The Duality

The DualityThe Ill Funk Ensemble are a modern pop/soul/hip hop band from Albany, New York. They have just released their new album called ‘The Duality’.

Going strong since 2006 they have previously been described as “a kind of 21st century mash up of Kool & The Gang and The Isley Brothers

Their music is smooth and refreshing. The way they mix samples in to tracks is very interesting such as a well known theme tune fits in to ‘Bringing the Heat’ perfectly.


“If you’re a fan of hip-hop, The Music Mag strongly recommends The Ill Funk Ensemble.”


The lyrics and the tone used in the vocals are not derogatory or powerful, but instead emotional and at times – pretty nice – this helps them fit in to an image really well and can see them doing well because of this. They really have created a good sound, which is modern and should prove to be pretty popular.

The Ill Funk Ensemble use a good mix of catchy lyrics (without overdoing the cheese), changes of pace in rapping, intelligent rhyming, and as said before some great samples mixed in along the way. ‘Different Day’ which features Michael Gaydusek is a very catchy number and will surely be one to help them gain more fans

Title track ‘The Duality’ is a little more aggressive and helps finish off the album in style. Not too many albums nowadays finish off with their title track, but it works well in this case. With a little more refining The Ill Funk Ensemble could be on your radios next month, they are up their with similar top artists in their genre and if they continue to make contacts and create a few more tracks featuring slightly well known singers they will explode on to the scene.

If you’re a fan of hip-hop, The Music Mag strongly recommends The Ill Funk Ensemble.

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